Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Scroll

This piece is a Real work of art. This scroll is from a friend in New Zealand which I was able to acquire. Scrolls were always one thing that I really wanted to have in my collection and now I have fulfilled that dream. The craftsmanship always fascinated me with how much went into creating them and this one proves that!!! This scroll is about 20-25 inches in length from end to end. It has very detailed scroll ends that are made of resin and painted gold. The paper is a cloth type of parchment paper so as to look as authentic as possible. It has really nice hand written letters/symbols and the shell that is at the bottom has a small round flat piece of Paua Shell on it. This is truly a nice piece!!! I have not found it in an episode but I know I will!!

Virgil's Scroll

Here is one of my newly purchased items. This is the scroll Virgil is writing his epic poem on in Xena Season 5 episode "Livia" when Gabrielle, Joxer and Virgil are in jail. Many thanks to my good friend Morgan for letting me know what episode it was from. I was able to acquire this Beautiful scroll from a friend in New Zealand. The land I want to call my home!!! Scrolls are something that I have always wanted to own in my collection and thanks to my friend I now have 2. This scroll is a little over 9 feet 4 inches in length and is made up of the same page just glued together. It has resin knobs on all 4 ends that are painted silver and a small amount of twine wrapped around at the ends. This is a real treasure for me to have this. Simply beautiful!!!