Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gabrielle Titan Scroll

My Very Good Friend Kim gave me this as a present. Can You Believe THAT!!! He is truly one of the BEST guys I know!!! He has an exceptionally big Heart and I LOVE that about him. I want to one day go to New Zealand so that I can finally meet this Great Guy and Wonderful Friend that has been brought into my life by the Fates!!!

This is possibly the scroll that was used by Gabrielle in Xena Season 1 episode "The Titans" and what is cool is that it is also featured in the DVD title page which I have included a screen cap of along with an actual screen grab from the episode.The scroll ends are missing so I am guessing something happened to them but it is a Beautiful piece and HUGE!!!! It feels like it is made out of very thin animal hyde and the 3 loops at each end of the scroll is thick but soft leather pieces. The pictures on the scroll are truly amazing. There is some water damage to the writing but it is still visible. This is one of my favorite pieces!!! It holds a special place in my heart as does the Wonderful Man who blessed me with this Treasure!!! Many hugs to you Kim!!! :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Solstice Carol Parchment

Here is a Beautiful piece of Parchment from Xena season 2 episode "A Solstice Carol". It is one of the orders from King Silvis that Senticles has to write out. Xena catches Senticles changing the orders to do some good for the people King Silvis sentenced and she holds one as you can see in the screen cap. It is very detailed with a Celtic symbol boarder, Fabulous Roman Calligraphy writing and a real red wax seal on the bottom with two small gold pieces of fabric to give it a special touch!!! I was given this Awesome piece as a gift from my Propaholic Buddy Morgan. This made me so happy I was in tears!!! Thanks again my Good Friend!! :-)